Reigate Pest Control
Rats, Mice, Wasps, Squirrels & Moles!
Wasp Nest Removal
Only £45.00
Mole Control
Farms - Golf Course -Paddocks - Gardens

Rodent Control

Are you having a problem with rodents?
Pest control Reigate can quickly resolve any issues you are experiencing with rats, mice or squirrels using a pest management program.

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Wasp Control

During the summer - wasps, bees & hornets can pose a serious risk to children and pets around the home.
Our wasp nest removal in Reigate is quick, safe and effective and all for just £45 guaranteed!

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Contract Work

Pests can pose a serious risk to businesses in Reigate, damaging properties and reputations.
We can provide a tailored pest control program to keep them at bay!

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